About Ideatrades, LLC and our 5 star stocks system

1 star = Strong sell

2 stars = Sell

3 stars = Neutral

4 stars = Buy

5 stars = Strong buy

Lance Woods Founder and President of Ideatrades, LLC

I started this company with the idea that investing should be simple, and to prove there is always a better way to trade. I am a Contrarian Investor.

I also believe simple ideas can solve the world’s problems, and should be given a marketplace. I continue to prove things such as poverty and the national debt are not given the attention needed, and furthermore have the power to change things and impact the world in a positive way.

As a highly skilled Stock Market Trader with extensive knowledge of markets and how stocks are influenced by current events and trends, I have a strong understanding of fluctuations and I engage in careful analysis to determine when and how to place buy and sell orders. I am a contrarian investor with over 20 years of experience as a Stock Market Trader, Investor and Wealth Manager.

I charge a simple 1% flat fee on profits. My clients only pay if they make money. This incentivizes Ideatrades to make more profits for our clients since I only make money when my clients make money.

Example: Client profit of 1 million dollars = a service fee of 10,000.00 $ USD.

For inquiries, please call 1-262-894-3841 USA, Europe, South America, etc.
Thank you,

Lance Woods